What is a Ketovore Diet?

Aug 1, 2023 | Explanations

What is Ketovore You Ask?

The Ketovore diet is an elimination diet that hits a happy middle ground between the usual ketogenic and carnivore diets. If Keto includes a plate of half low-carb veggies and half protein with fat, and a carnivore plate includes all protein and fat, Ketovore plate is about ¾ of protein and fat with ¼ a rotation of low carb veggies, seasonal berries or nuts. The ketovore approach, as with keto and carnivore, involves consuming a primarily animal-based diet in order to stay in a state of ketosis.

Ketosis is where the body relies on fats for fuel converted into ketones instead of carbohydrates which are converted into glucose. Ketovore emphasizes high-fat, moderate-protein, and extremely low-carbohydrate intake. Meat in the form of animal products is prioritized. Staying in a state of ketosis is beneficial because it leads to stored fat burning, consistent energy and a leveled out blood sugar along with a myriad of other potential health benefits.

What Foods are on the Ketovore Diet?

The foods enjoyed on a Ketovore diet are healthy animal fats in meat, seafood, fish, poultry, eggs, high-fat dairy products, oils, bone broth and occasionally a few low-carb vegetables, berries or nuts.

What Foods are NOT on Ketovore?

The foods to avoid on a Ketovore diet include carbohydrates, sugar filled foods, processed foods, high carb snacks, high-carb fruits and starchy veggies. For example, bread, pasta, pancakes, rice, oats, beans, chickpeas, fruit juice, candy, chips, sugar sodas and sugar sauces are off the table. Literally.

What Drinks are Okay on Ketovore?

Water is your best friend! It can be sparkling water or plain water. Tea and coffee are also acceptable as long as no sugar is added, although stevia is an option as long as it does not activate your cravings. Electrolyte drinks with zero sugar are also encouraged.

How many Carbohydrates on Ketovore?

There are varying answers for this question. If the ketogenic diet allows 20 grams of carbs daily and the carnivore diet allows for 0 grams, it stands to reason that ketovore lands between the two, coming in at around 10 grams of carbs per day. We have no official documentation for this and different resources swing different ways on this topic. But generally speaking, we go with 10 grams of carbs, though most days we stay under that.

When Can I Eat on a Ketovore Diet?

If you are new to this ketovore way of eating, the typical recommendation is to begin with eating three meals a day with no snacks. Slowly as you find yourself being more satisfied with the nutrient dense foods, you may easily slide into two meals a day based on your true hunger cues. Volia, you are intermittent fasting without even trying! Another way of saying this is to not eat according to the clock, but according to your body.

What are the Rules of a Ketovore Diet?

The main rules are to get rid of highly processed carbs, seed oils, and sugar. Instead, Ketovores choose whole foods, nutrient dense animal-based cuts of meat, fish, and whole eggs to keep the body in a state of ketosis. Truly, it is a flexible plan that allows some dairy, low-carb veggies, nuts and berries.

Does Ketovore Give all Nutrients Needed to Sustain Life, in Other Words, is it Safe?

Based on our research, we would answer “yes.” Obviously this will depend on your particular situation and body needs, challenges or diagnoses. The best way to be sure of this, out of an abundance of caution, is to add in three to four ounces of beef or calf liver once a week or some sardines. Working with a health care provider would be important if you are on any medications.

Why is the Ketovore Diet Good?

The benefits of Ketovore are not specifically documented as it is “relatively” new hybrid and limited research is available. But, considering it is a combination of the keto and carnivore plans, we do believe those results, which have been documented, would stand true here as well. Ketovore is anti-inflammatory simply by the fact that processed foods have been greatly reduced. It is low carb and overlaps the ketogenic way of eating. Ketovore reduces food cravings by eliminating carbs and sugar which evens out blood sugar levels.  This is fantastic news for folks with type 2 diabetes!

Ketovore may lead to mental clarity as the brain loves ketones and may help folks with Alzheimer’s. As an elimination diet, ketovore allows folks to reduce any auto-immune symptoms they may be suffering from. And last, but certainly not least, ketovore often leads to weight loss due to the extremely low carb aspect, allowing the body to burn stored fat as well as consumed fat from the diet.

What are the Side Effects of Ketovore?

As with any new plan, there are bound to be challenges and ketovore is no exception. Keto flu is common with fatigue, headache, brain fog, irritability or nausea. This is because the body is switching over from burning glucose for energy to burning fat and it is developing the internal machinery required to do so. If you are moving from keto to ketovore, keto flu probably will not be an issue. Bowel movements will go through a change as well as this transition is taking place.

Are there Health Risks with a Ketovore Diet?

Cholesterol may go up so having routine blood checks is beneficial to know how your body responds. As mentioned before, a few ounces of liver and/or sardines will help cover any missed nutrients. Your friends or family members may not be on board with the plan initially, so managing social situations will become the new norm, but a bit of preplanning will go a long way for those interactions.

What is the Controversy with Ketovore?

The short answer is that people in general take a stance against high fat, moderate protein diets. Our society has been taught the USDA Guidelines since the 1970’s, which ironically is when our nationwide weight epidemic began, recommending a high carb, low-fat diet. People have also been taught that high fat meals will clog heart arteries and lead to a heart attack. Since then, there have been many new research papers and clinical trials showing very positive outcomes for ketogenic type diets, but it takes a long time to change a way of thinking. There is also a lot of pushback from the plant-based groups for obvious reasons.

What is a Sample Ketovore Diet Meal Plan?

Breakfast ideas include:
Eggs and bacon with strawberries
An omelet with sausage
Bacon wrapped chicken thighs

Lunch ideas include:
Two bunless hamburger patties with cheese and avocado
Tuna salad
Pork chops

Dinner ideas include:
Ribeye steak with arugula
Salmon with roasted broccoli
Grilled lamb chops

Ketovore may appeal to those who do not want to count the carbs on Keto or be so restrictive on carnivore, but rather strike a perfect blend between the two.

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