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We are Fred and Karen Campos married on 02-02-2002! (How do you like that for easy remembering?!) My husband Fred is a brilliant remittance software developer turned website designer. You might even have a payment that runs through one of his lockboxes. I am a teacher with two degrees and a Texas lifetime certification in 1st – 8th grades, with a minor in reading development. We are a blended family, parents to three children, Fred’s daughter (1999) and our two sons (2003 and 2010). We are active community leaders as we are members and volunteer at Fellowship Church and Fred is a locally elected School Board Trustee for our school district, a 400 hour a year volunteer position. Needless to say, we are busy and have been for many years. We know you can relate.

Explore Ketovore with Us

As an everyday couple in our early fifties, we are just now realizing that if we want to double our lifespan, we must start making better decisions to prevent the “typical” symptoms of aging and “accepted” medical issues. Fred was already heading down this path, so there was no better time than the present!

Our food choices were the first place to start. Yes, yes. The sad diet was absolutely what we were eating. The Standard American Diet  = SAD.  And it was NOT working. No matter how hard we tried, how many diets we implemented, or how many calories we counted, the weight went away and came right back. I had great success with Keto in 2018, but never broke my sugar addiction cycle so when the pandemic hit in 2020, well… you know what happened. Eventually we will add in exercise, examine our sleep, figure out ways to manage our stress, and do what gives us the best energy throughout the day. 

Ketovore has become our ticket to better health! There is no destination. This is a lifetime adventure. Come along and discover with us. We want to learn from you as we share what we have learned with you. Life is better with friends! We’re glad you’re here!

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