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No exploration is accomplished without a good roadmap.  Furthermore your adventure to better health should not be done alone. Our blog serves as a core resource of every growing lists of books, experts, success stories, recipes, and videos that have made a difference in our life.  We will continue to add to this list as we run across ideas.  If you have a resource you recommend Contact Us and share it.  Here are some of our favorite ketovore resources–and yes some of these links are affiliates.


There are SO many good ketovore resources and we are continuing to read and study more.  We will go back and do a deep dive into our favorite parts and add more as we finish them.  For now, here are the top four we think you might enjoy starting with!  Happy reading!

Medical Experts

There are some fabulous ketovore medical experts.  Here are four YouTube channels you could subscribe and learn from!

Success Stories

Check out these great stories of those who are ahead of us with success on ketovore / carnivore!

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