Fred’s 4th Week on Ketovore: Statin Side Effects

Jun 25, 2023 | His Journey

It’s my 4th week on ketovore and my fourth week on my doctor prescribed statin, and I am having some serious side effects and plan to email my doctor to drop back to every other day in July and then come off it completely in August (assuming better blood work).  Nevertheless, my ketovore diet is going very well so I want to take the rest of this post to address the side effects I am seeing on the statin.

My Ketovore Statin Side Effects

To both my Father and my doctor, I agreed to try a statin for at least a month.  I am taking Rosuvastatin 20 mg, once a day before bedtime.  After a month, I have observed some very serious side effects that are greatly interrupting my life and my business.   1. I absolutely cannot stay up past 9p.  This medicine zaps ALL my energy, and I am completely and totally falling asleep on the couch in the early evening.  As you can imagine this is affecting my relationship with my spouse, Karen and my boys. 2.  I have serious body aches from head to toe.  I now hurt in places I didn’t even know I could be sore in.  High soreness in my upper legs and caves. 3.  I use to be able to sleep very soundly through the night.  I now wake up 4-5 times nightly. 4. It is harder to think at night.  Again this may actually be related to #1 above, but I believe this has greatly affected my thinking. Now I know what you should be asking, because I am asking the same question.  I am doing two things at once, changing my diet and adding a statin.  Because I was previously experimenting with keto prior to going pure ketovore/carnivore I am about 90% sure it is the statin.  However, I plan to remove the statin so that I can be sure (phasing it out in July and completely off by August).  So I will be able to give you a first hand report.  That said, it is making me question… “Should I even be on a statin?”

Should I Take a Statin?  What are the Statin Side Effects?

I could say more on this, but I think Dr. Ken Berry has a great video that helps.  Enjoy!

Current Weight: 184.4 lbs

(Down 17.6 lbs for the year)

Two Ketovore Meals a Day

(I typically eat my meals 4-6 hours apart.)

Walking 55 Mins a Day


07-01-2023 Weight: 182.8
Meal 280 06 19 Dinner
Meal 282 06-21 Lunch
Meal 283 06-21 Dinner
Meal 285 06-22 Dinner
Meal 286 06-24 Lunch
Meal 289 06-25 Dinner
Fred Campos


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