First Month of Ketovore

Jul 1, 2023 | Her Journey

There is something surprisingly freeing about not having to calculate a “proper colored and proper tasting” vegetable to accompany every protein served at a meal. I have never liked vegetables and had to convince myself they were nutritionally necessary for me to be healthy. Imagine my shock and initial disbelief when researching the ketovore and carnivore ways of eating and discovering that in fact vegetables and greens are not necessary in order to properly nourish myself. This information is coming from multiple practicing MD’s, that follow a variation of the proper human diet that prioritizes animal meats and fats first
Having followed a ketogenic diet for several years, I knew what a meal with low carbohydrate vegetables looked like. And I was thrilled to include the veggies sporadically instead of daily. Of course, no one in my inner circle thinks I am even sane following this line of reasoning. But it makes sense to me. We wouldn’t be here on earth if our ancestors hadn’t hunted land animals, fished in the waters and gathered nuts and berries! I don’t need a clinical trial to prove that it is possible or sustainable. It clearly is.
I am down 9 pounds so far and am super pleased with that progress. My energy levels are a little low, but it is a transition month from glucose burning to ketone burning and it is expected. I am drinking an electrolyte drink mix each day to help balance those all important electrolytes. For the first 90 days I am only changing my diet. I plan to add exercise during the second 90 days for two reasons. Mostly because of the bunions on my feet that can’t handle the walking at this weight, as well as the fact that here in Texas, it’s over 100 pretty much most of the summer and my post-menopausal body does not cool down after exercise as well as it used to.
Karen Campos


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