My Start on Ketovore

Jun 1, 2023 | Her Journey

Hi everyone! Welcome to Explore Ketovore! I’m Karen, the “Her Journey” part of this married couple’s ketovore adventure. As everyone on the planet probably agrees, it is more challenging for women to lose weight than men. My journey has definitely played that truth out. However, it is never quite that simple or obvious is it?
I started this ketovore way of eating without any specific metabolic diagnoses, just the visual observation of being overweight. While that is probably a good thing overall, it makes it harder to measure non weight related success. The two medical issues I have are not ones that I hear discussed often, so it will be interesting to see if I see any improvement in those areas. As I approach my 55th trip around the sun, I have dealt with bunions on both feet for 42 of those years, doing what I can to avoid surgery. I am also dealing with a large ovarian fibroid tumor. My first (5 inches in diameter) was surgically removed when I gave birth to my first son via emergency cesarean section.
I found Keto years ago and successfully lost weight with it. However, I never beat the sugar cravings. I have lost and regained the same 60 pounds five times in my lifetime. The first time was with sheer willpower, the second with Herbalife, the third with Jenny Craig, the fourth with Keto and now a fifth and FINAL time with Ketovore. I am a chronic dieter with no proven track record of long term success. My hope is that ketovore is the plan that I can not only use to lose this weight for the last time, but also keep it off from here forward!
Simplified grocery shopping is my favorite aspect of the ketovore diet so far! That and being able to enjoy eggs and bacon without the guilt. Seriously.
Karen Campos


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