Fred’s 5th Week on Ketovore: Meal Plan

Jul 2, 2023 | His Journey

It’s my 5th week on the ketovore diet.  As such, I am heading into a holiday week that will involve more eating out than usual and will require me to start thinking ahead to start creating a ketovore meal plan.  Thankfully I am married to a keto cook so I don’t normally have to think about this much.  However, what about those business meals or second environments when you are not at home?  That is my focus and discussion this week.

How to Make Choices When Eating Out

You can still eat ketovore even when out at restaurants.  The goal for this meal plan is to plan ahead and make mindful choices.  If you get a chance, check out the menu online before you arrive.  You want to focus on maintaining your low-carb, high-fat goals while still enjoying a satisfying meal. Opt for dishes centered around protein sources like grilled meats (chicken, steak, fish) and low-carb veggies. 

Also, as long as this is the exception, not the rule, don’t feel you have to be legalistic.  I was meeting customers and family this week and I was just a bit more focused and asked for substitutions which just about any restaurant will accommodate even if their menu says no substitutions.  Finally, think about what you will/are eating for the whole day.  For me, if I eat a lighter meal out, to stay on plan, I eat a heavier protein/fat meal later that day.  Sometimes, I will pre-eat at home so I am free to eat less and in turn be less tempted in the restaurant.

What about a Ketovore Meal Plan at Home?

I could say more on this, but I think Thomas DeLauer has a great video that helps.  Enjoy!

Current Weight: 182.8 lbs

(Down 19.2 lbs for the year)

Two Ketovore Meals a Day

(I typically eat my meals 4-6 hours apart.)

Walking 60 Mins a Day


07-01-2023 Weight: 182.8
06-27-2023 Lunch
06-28-2023 Meal Plan Ketovore Lunch
06-30-2023 Meal Plan Keovore Dinner
07-01-2023 Meal Plan Ketovore Dinner
07-02-2023 Meal Plan Ketovore Dinner
07-03-2023 Meal Plan Ketovore Dinner
Fred Campos


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