What is the Lion Diet?

Aug 7, 2023 | Explanations

The Lion diet, a stricter variation of the carnivore diet, is a way of eating that is the narrowest of these four elimination diets, including only ruminant meat, salt and water. Since meat is absorbed in the small intestine and there is no plant matter to stir up the immune system, the body can calm down and heal from the inside out. By eliminating all over variables, it can provide relief from any medical symptoms that may be caused by foods. It was started by Mikhaila Peterson who was looking to overcome juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and depression. She has a TedxTalk explaining what she did and what her outcomes were.

What foods are on the Lion diet?

Ruminant meat seasoned with salt are the only foods allowed. Most ruminants have a four chambered stomach and two-toed feet. Options include beef, bison, lamb, goat, deer, and elk. It also encourages organs such as the liver, kidney, or heart.

What foods are not on the Lion diet?

Everything else that does not come from a ruminant animal is not on this eating plan.

What drinks are okay on a Lion diet?

Water is your best friend here! Electrolytes are also encouraged.

How many carbohydrates are on a Lion diet?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

When can I eat on a Lion diet?

The beauty here is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Overeating is really not typically a concern here. No portion sizing or macro counting! Salt is the seasoning of choice. Some do incorporate intermittent fasting if it proves helpful.

What are the rules of a Lion diet?

The rule that stands for optimum success is do not eat anything else. Because the experiment is unique to you and your body, the best and quickest results can be determined by being faithful to the plan.

Does a Lion diet give all nutrients needed to sustain life, in other words, is it safe?

Yes, ruminant meats provide all the nutrients you need. A 2-3 ounces of liver on a weekly basis can cover all bases and mineral drops and electrolytes can be added to water.

Why is the Lion diet good?

People come to the lion diet with many different agendas. Some seek gut healing, some autoimmune resolutions and others have a myriad of health conditions to improve such as mood, headaches, joint pain, allergies and sleep issues. Those who are sick or on medication or have issues impairing their everyday life may find some answers through the Lion diet. After 30-90 days, food items can be methodically added back in one by one to determine if they cause an immune response.

What are the side effects of a Lion diet?

As with the keto, ketovore, and carnivore diets, the keto flu can happen especially if the Lion diet is your first elimination diet. This could include symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, mental fog, muscle cramps, diarrhea as your body figures out the new food plan! Another side effect may be some weight loss even though that is not typically the initial reason people follow it.

Are there health risks with a Lion diet?

Some will assert that this plan is unsustainable, lacks fiber and that people will get bored of meat. Others suggest that consuming meat high in saturated fat is a problem for the heart. These assumptions are being challenged as an elimination diet of this kind may help many people figure out what foods are causing them problems. Monitoring with regular blood work is a wise idea for a longer term need.

What is the controversy with a Lion diet?

Many who hear about this plan dismiss it, considering it too restrictive and extreme. However, if you are living with a condition that medicine alone has not cured, sometimes an extreme approach is necessary for potential life-changing positive outcomes. Some are concerned about a lack of nutrients, which ruminant meat is high in, but vitamin concerns could be addressed on an individual basis. High performance athletes will need to take a deep look to be sure their caloric, and in turn nutritional needs are met. Social engagements may be tricky due to the narrow list of allowable meats.

What is a sample Lion meal plan?

Breakfast ideas include:
Beef ribs
Lamb chops

Lunch ideas include:
Beef Jerky

Dinner ideas include:
Grilled steak
Chuck roast
Bison meatballs

More and more people today are being diagnosed with allergies or inflammation which in turn causes other diseases. Perhaps a 90 day test is worth the challenge to find some answers.

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