Passing 100 Days on Ketovore

Oct 1, 2023 | Her Journey

As I passed the 100 day mark on a ketovore way of eating, I started several new things to support this journey. We made the decision to join Dr. Ken Berry’s Proper Human Diet community. He has moved his base from Patreon to an independent platform accessed through his website.   He has several tiers of membership which have different levels of access to private lives and chats with trained moderators who can also answer more specific questions with resources. This has proven to be an excellent way to surround ourselves with like minded folks who are also taking control and responsibility for their health beginning with their food choices.

I finally took the time to take my body measurements besides just my waist, which I should have done when this all began. Now I have benchmark numbers to reference moving forward. This already proved to be helpful when I was disappointed that I had only lost 2 pounds in September, but also 2 inches off my waist. So, good things are happening, just not necessarily on the scale.

As I am beginning to re-discover what true hunger feels like, I began to struggle with my intermittent fasting window. Do I eat when I am hungry or do I stick with my fasting and feasting windows? Long story short, I have determined that true hunger trumps the intermittent fasting window every time. If I can fast from 6p to noon the next day five days a week but two days a week I am hungry at 9a, then I am going to eat, if even just a hard-boiled egg. Being miserable and preoccupied with food is not part of this stage of my journey.

As I Pass 100 Days of Ketovore

As the months have progressed, I am beginning to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that I feed my sons, currently ages 13 and 19. It will be to their advantage, but slow and steady is best. For myself, I am trying to figure out how much protein and fat I am eating each day so I downloaded the App called Carb Manager. I set it to high fat keto and changed the carbs to Total not net. It has been eye opening to compare how I feel and see exactly how much I ate. I do think overall I am undereating, especially in the fat. It’s going to take a while to overcome decades of being taught all fat is bad.

The last issue I have finally solved is that of nighttime leg cramps. I started an evening supplement of Magnesium Glycinate and it has worked wonders. No more leg cramps and I can fall asleep much more easily. Definitely recommend, if this is a struggle for you.

Karen Campos


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