A 90 Day Ketovore Summer

Sep 1, 2023 | Her Journey

It is hard to believe that I have now completed 90 days following a Ketovore lifestyle, making this my first Ketovore summer. I say first because I view this change as a permanent one that I will enjoy for many many summers to come! Overall, I am not sure I “feel” any different besides being fuller longer with greatly reduced cravings for sugar. I find that most days I could easily fast from 7:00 pm until 11:00 am the next day for more consistent 16 hour fasts. For the most part I have settled into a two meal a day routine typically eating around noon and 6:00 pm. The lunch meal tends to be breakfast foods of eggs and bacon, with dinner being beef of some kind with rotating sides of salmon or pork or chicken.

90 Day Ketovore Summer

The foods I ate that made it a ketovore summer include the occasional avocado or onion, fresh summer berries, pecans and pork rinds for that satisfying crunch! Surprisingly, I have dropped all dairy this month after having one morning of a severe upset stomach after eating burgers with cheese the night before. I was planning to just take a break, but haven’t returned. Again, not sure if it’s making any sort of difference or not. I do still have a craving for pretzels of all things. I’m going to guess this means I need more salt.
What I can confidently share with you are some statistics I gathered from my 90 Day Ketovore summer! Some of which may be TMI, but we’re keeping it real here and some parts of life are not as pretty as others. When I started this Ketovore summer, I had 12 skin tags on my upper body, mostly under my arms. Now, I only have 4. That means 8 are completely gone! Definitely an unexpected positive result! I also had one fungus toenail that I had tried all kinds of treatments on. After 2 years, it is now growing beautifully and healthy and pink! So happy! I lost only 3 pounds the third month, but that makes a total loss of 18 pounds during the 90 Days which I choose to consider a win! Additionally I lost 3 inches off my waist which is perhaps a better marker of progress!
What outcomes would you be looking for if you tried a 90 Day Ketovore meal plan?
Karen Campos


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